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Tranny Sex Chat Profiles

DaringDahlia from Canterbury,New Zealandradio_button_checked
I'm pretty much like doing hot and silly things together. I'm simple but fierce and I have the sexiest curve on my body. I can give you the happiness that you want. Wink back at me, babe.
ChristchurchChristchurch, Canterburylocation_on
Shemale | 25 | Gay
DirtySilkySibyl from Canterbury,New Zealandradio_button_checked
I hope you like impatient ladies because that's what I am. I don't like it when the guy I'm with is taking too long to shove his cock into my hole. Foreplay is overrated. Let's just go straight into intense fucking.
ChristchurchChristchurch, Canterburylocation_on
Shemale | 42 | Gay
SluttySilvia from Otago,New Zealandradio_button_checked
Tell me what you want to do with my body, and I'll also tell you what I want to do with you. Let's share our naughtiest fantasies with each other. I may even do something about it if you can pique my interest.
DunedinDunedin, Otagolocation_on
Shemale | 37 | Bisexual
foxiiAlexiie from Wellington,New Zealandradio_button_checked
My days are becoming a bit routine-like, and it is starting to bore me out. It would be great if I can find someone who can add some spice to my boring life. If you have some interesting things to share with me, don't hesitate to do so.
WellingtonWellington, Wellingtonlocation_on
Shemale | 43 | Bisexual
greatpleasure from Wellington,New Zealandradio_button_checked
I used to think that I was complete and is fine being alone in life. But as time went by, I realized that there is still a missing piece inside of me. I am lacking of a partner to share my achievements and stories with. Will you be my Romeo?
WellingtonWellington, Wellingtonlocation_on
Shemale | 33 | Gay
DancingQueene from Auckland,New Zealandradio_button_checked
Not to brag, but I think I am way better than most women you'll ever meet out there. Aside from being a loving, family-oriented, self-less, and caring woman, I can also say that I am a goddess when it comes to bed. I can give you sexual satisfaction ...
North ShoreNorth Shore, Aucklandlocation_on
Shemale | 29 | Gay
WildGlenn from Otago,New Zealandradio_button_checked
I want a lad who will look at me like I am the best woman he has ever met in his life. Chat with me now and let's see if we can start something passionate between us. Who knows, we might be destined to be with each other. The only way to find that ou...
DunedinDunedin, Otagolocation_on
Shemale | 30 | Bisexual
funbetweensheets from Auckland,New Zealandradio_button_checked
A darn good kisser, lover of good country music, and a workout addict. I spend a lot of my time only in two places, the gym and my bed. Hopefully I find someone who can join me in my lifestyle and shower nibbles on my ear, french kisses would also be...
North ShoreNorth Shore, Aucklandlocation_on
Shemale | 33 | Gay
kissMEhard from Wellington,New Zealandradio_button_checked
When there are no more chairs in the world, I think that would be okay. Why? That's because I still have your face to sit on. Will you allow me to do that? Wink!
Lower HuttLower Hutt, Wellingtonlocation_on
Shemale | 34 | Gay
SinfulAngel2 from Waikato,New Zealandradio_button_checked
My life is somewhat complete right now. I have a roof over my head, food on my table, and money on my bank. The only thing missing right now is a huge cock in my ass.
HamiltonHamilton, Waikatolocation_on
Shemale | 38 | Gay
GorgeousGisselle from Auckland,New Zealandradio_button_checked
I am a shemale who has a knack of teasing hot guys until they can’t take it anymore. So how about you try me out and let me show you what I can do. You might not stop thinking about me once you see my amazing tits and how hard my cock can stand up ...
AucklandAuckland, Aucklandlocation_on
Shemale | 28 | Gay
hornyfloozy from Tasman,New Zealandradio_button_checked
Wanna be the happiest man in the world? This is your chance to be one, so you better not waste it. Send me a message now and we can start chatting with each other. My naughty mind has a few surprises that will surely put a smile on your face.
BrightwaterBrightwater, Tasmanlocation_on
Shemale | 25 | Gay

Online Trannies in NZ

SextaticJanice from Taranaki,New Zealandradio_button_checked
There's nothing in the world that I love more than classical music. I love listening to one, especially if it's raining. It would be great if I am to find someone who's into classical music as much as I do.
New PlymouthNew Plymouth, Taranakilocation_on
Shemale | 32 | Gay
SexyAlex from Auckland,New Zealandradio_button_checked
Loneliness has been killing me these past few days. I've got no one to talk to and no one to share my queen size bed with. If only there is a handsome and hunky man to fuck, then my life would be complete.
North ShoreNorth Shore, Aucklandlocation_on
Shemale | 31 | Gay
Ukn0wimh0t from Wellington,New Zealandradio_button_checked
If there's something I learned from my previous relationship, it would be that size doesn't matter. I have been with a man with above-average dick before, but he failed to make me cum even with the size of his cock. As such, I am looking for someone ...
WellingtonWellington, Wellingtonlocation_on
Shemale | 32 | Gay
HeavenlyBethel from Wellington,New Zealandradio_button_checked
My biggest achievement so far is finishing two tubs of chocolate mint ice cream in one sitting. If you're not amazed by that, I don't know what else to say here. Just message me already, and let's start chatting.
MastertonMasterton, Wellingtonlocation_on
Shemale | 31 | Gay
CumLoverxxx from Hawke's Bay,New Zealandradio_button_checked
For me, there is no greater joy than having a fresh and warm load on my face. I love playing with cum, especially if it's in my mouth. Will you give me some of yours?
HastingsHastings, Hawke's Baylocation_on
Shemale | 29 | Bisexual
superwildinbed from Wellington,New Zealandradio_button_checked
It's sad that I need to resort to this kind of thing just to find a man who'll fuck me right. I am sick and tired of going to clubs and bars to look for random hookups. I want an easier way, and this is what I have come up with.
WellingtonWellington, Wellingtonlocation_on
Shemale | 37 | Gay
moreenjoyablesex from Auckland,New Zealandradio_button_checked
I am a transgender woman, so yes, I was born with a willy. If you don't like that, then we have something in common. The best thing about me is I don't experience period, which means you can fuck me up any day of the month.
North ShoreNorth Shore, Aucklandlocation_on
Shemale | 35 | Gay
RingTheBell from Wellington,New Zealandradio_button_checked
Spank me hard and choke me until I feel like I am almost passing out. I love hardcore anal pounding with a bit of impact play. Don't worry about me, I am a total masochist so I quite find it pleasing when my man treats me like a total fuck doll.
WaipawaWaipawa, Wellingtonlocation_on
Shemale | 27 | Bisexual
LittleLadyAlba from Waikato,New Zealandradio_button_checked
In the past, people are treating me and my fellow shemales harshly. Some tend to discriminate us and others are truly vocal about the disgust and hate that they are feeling towards us. But nowadays, I'm glad that more and more people are accepting us...
HamiltonHamilton, Waikatolocation_on
Shemale | 32 | Gay
sexyseducer2 from Canterbury,New Zealandradio_button_checked
If you think that you have what it takes to fill up my trunk with your junk, then, by all means, send me a message. I'll be the judge of that, so don't get full of yourself.
ChristchurchChristchurch, Canterburylocation_on
Shemale | 29 | Gay
sexybooty2 from Auckland,New Zealandradio_button_checked
No matter how stressful work can be, I always try to find time to relax and pamper myself. It's my secret to a young and beautiful face, and also facial from handsome guys.
AucklandAuckland, Aucklandlocation_on
Shemale | 29 | Gay
UrhappyEnding from Auckland,New Zealandradio_button_checked
Fairytale endings do exist. That's why I firmly believe. People just need to try their hardest to find their partner whom they can live with happily ever after.
AucklandAuckland, Aucklandlocation_on
Shemale | 29 | Gay
SunnyKristin from Auckland,New Zealandradio_button_checked
My friends always tell me that my smile brightens up their day. It may sound like I am boasting, but my smile is brighter than the sun. Do you want to see it? Maybe it's the one thing you need to make your life a little better.
AucklandAuckland, Aucklandlocation_on
Shemale | 29 | Gay
HornyMarlene from Taranaki,New Zealandradio_button_checked
My lust has no limits. It doesn't matter where I am or what time it is. Once I feel horny, I will do something about it. I am looking for someone as adventurous and daring as me.
HaweraHawera, Taranakilocation_on
Shemale | 32 | Gay
MoistLilyan from Auckland,New Zealandradio_button_checked
Don't be surprised that a gorgeous woman like me actually has a dick. My heart screams that I am a woman but my body says otherwise. Anyway, I am here to find someone who can ride my ass. Oh, shoot. I meant someone who can ride on with my adventures ...
North ShoreNorth Shore, Aucklandlocation_on
Shemale | 31 | Gay

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