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Absolutelyfresh from Canterbury
I do admit that I have a dirty mouth. Many dicks have experienced the pleasure brought upon my naughty lips and playful tongue. However, no one has ev...
WarmNMoist from Bay of Plenty
I promise that your wife will never know about our little secret. I don’t want to be an ugly mistress either. I don't have any plans of destroying r...
IcedPrincessIsabella from Waikato
I am gifted with a mind that is way smarter than a lot of people. Sadly, this makes some men I have dated to be insecured and anxious when we are toge...
CumInsideME from Auckland
I’m a type person that loves to challenge myself. I don’t like the idea of being stuck living my life day by day without getting a chance to risk ...
Heartbrokenbaby from Wellington
All my past relationships ended tragically. I don't want to commit to anything serious for a while now. I feel like my heart can't handle another fail...
KissMEhard from Wellington
When there are no more chairs in the world, I think that would be okay. Why? That's because I still have your face to sit on. Will you allow me to do ...
Wickedpleasure from Canterbury
I won't be scared to admit that I often feel horny and naughty. And that's the reason why I am always longing for a dick stuck deep in my mouth and in...
Daija Bechtelar from Canterbury
Daija Bechtelar
I like to collect and drink wine before I go to bed at night. It calms me and helps me fall asleep faster than usual. I also like to share it with men...
HotHoney from Nelson
Here's a little something about me. I enjoy wasting my time drinking in bars and clubs. Some nights, I just drink until I get completely wasted. I wou...
LongingLoma from Auckland
It doesn't matter if I am your main hoe or your side chic. Just give me the time and attention I deserve and I will leave you alone. Make sure to fill...
MissMyButt2 from Wellington
I've been feeling a little bit lonely these days. I'm not sure if it's because I'm bored or it's due to the fact that I have no one to fool around wit...
HeavenlyHaven from Manawatu-Wanganui
If you are a fan of titties, I am the best gal for you. And I am confident to say that with my gigantic boobies, you will feel great and you will sure...
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LadyAmalia from Waikato
I have been living by myself since I was 20 and is currently doing good with my professional career. No work for today, and I am bored as fuck in this...
Thrillmetonight from Auckland
I grow my hair long for one reason. I want you to have something to hold onto while you bang me from behind. Imagine fucking my ass while pulling my h...
LayMeDown from Canterbury
When it comes to fuck sessions, I am usually the one who takes control of the situation and the one who uses force. Yes, I'm a bit aggressive but don'...
ChasingCharlie from Canterbury
Beer and cigarettes are the best partners, add some good conversation, the best! I have already planned out hang out the night, the only thing missing...
HungryEyes from Manawatu-Wanganui
First of all, I just want to say to anybody who will try to hook me up, that I am head over heels in love with deep dish pizza! Just in case we end up...
SexIsNice from Canterbury
I love steak especially when it's medium rare! Indeed, having a juicy meat inside your mouth gives a different kind of sensation. Imagine your dick in...
TickleMyFancy from Hawke's Bay
I am a ladyboy looking for someone who wants me to be their sugar baby. Give me the love and attention that I deserve and I will be forever loyal to y...
GorgeousGisselle from Auckland
I am a shemale who has a knack of teasing hot guys until they can’t take it anymore. So how about you try me out and let me show you what I can do. ...
P0kemedeep from Waikato
Having a threesome is my secret sexual fantasy. Just the thoughts of having two hunks thrusting their penises in my ass and in my mouth at the same ti...
OneBigKiss from Northland
It is very rare for me to explode and not being able to control my anger. Many of my friends say that I have the longest patience and understanding in...
KindButKinky from Waikato
I love to sing and dance while taking a shower. I think my talents are being wasted in the bathroom. However, I am afraid that I am not good enough to...
SexySharon from Auckland
Our life will be awesome and problem-free if we just fuck and forget each other the next day. That's what I want right now. A cum-and-go kind of man.
MIssSensual from Auckland
The special thing about me is that I have the capability to provide pleasure and amusement to you like any other woman despite the fact that I have a ...
DiamondDina from Wellington
There was a time when I am very choosy when it comes to the guys I fool around with. Now that I am a bit older, I don't have that luxury anymore. I te...
Ukn0wimh0t from Wellington
If there's something I learned from my previous relationship, it would be that size doesn't matter. I have been with a man with above-average dick bef...

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