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WildForKat from Wellington
I see no reason why men should not go out with me. I have the face of an angel and the body of the devil. I can kill you with my smile and can fuck th...
JuicyLeslie from Auckland
Don't be fooled by my angelic face, sweetheart, I am far from what I seem to be. I am just here to get laid and make out with some handsome men. I lit...
EstelleSwallows from Auckland
Here's a little info about me. I love fit studs who have hard-rock abs. I don't mind if the cock is small. I just love it when a strong man shoves his...
Wetc00ki3 from Wellington
I am young and on my peak, physically. I want to try new things and explore on the side of life that I haven't been into, yet. It is my personal goal ...
TotalPackage from Southland
If there's something I want to change about myself, it would be my ass. I don't like how small it is. I wish to have a thicker butt. Maybe like the as...
Daija Bechtelar from Canterbury
Daija Bechtelar
I like to collect and drink wine before I go to bed at night. It calms me and helps me fall asleep faster than usual. I also like to share it with men...